What about GOD???

OK, I guess it’s time to talk about this. It’s something I don’t really want to talk about. It’s just so complicated, and one can’t simply say,, here is a picture of “IT”. Although, I was at a party a few years back, and I got talking to a particularly boring person who I couldn’t […]


So,, i guess i gotta talk a bit about my vision,,,why i see Ireland needing her King (Rí). How important it is for our nation to have our Royalty once again as a focal point!!! It’s kinda funny how almost every Irish person i meet seems to think that we ourselves decided to end our […]

Delusions of Importance

OK, so, I was talking with some friends th other day who suggested that I should go to th Hill of Uisneach (th center of Ireland/th belly button of th Goddess Éire) for th “festival of th fire”. It’s held each year on Bealtinne,, at th beginning of May. Bealtinne or Bealtaine is/was an ancient […]

The Man who would be King.

U kno,, i meet so many people who sneer at my claim!!! It’s like,, how dare i suggest I could be King!!!,,, lol. Like,, “who th fuck do i think i am???” or,, “do u think u’r better than me???”Straight outa th blue,, like,, instantly dismissive!!! I often wonder how i would react to my […]

Tir na nóg, an Fear óg, óg = virgin.

OK,, so,, if u ever hear someone talk about Tir na nÓg they will be talking about “The Land of the Eternal Youth!” You will not hear anybody talk about An Fear Óg, unless of course they are talking about th Pharaohs. And,,, u will not hear that “óg” as well as meaning youth/young, also […]